Chemtex Pharma Inc. - Company Overview

Chemtex Pharma’s success is its ability to anticipate and respond to changes in an evolving pharmaceutical market. Chemtex Pharma has been helping our clients and partners successfully compete in a dynamic environment by complementing their operations with our specialized expertise resources, and facilities.

Chemtex Pharma Inc is an integrated pharmaceutical company providing active ingredients, and outsourcing options to clients in the United States, Canada, and other markets. We see ourselves as a catalyst that promotes and facilitates the necessary relationships between suppliers and customers, manufacturers and marketers, and other complementary industry groups. We constantly strive to identify market trends to create a true competitive advantage for our clients and partners.

We have always defined our success by measuring the accomplishments of our manufacturing partners and clients. We believe that our entrepreneurial approach, ethics, and values make the difference between a good relationship and a true partnership. Whether promoting a supplier's products in key markets, qualifying a source of a hard-to-find active pharmaceutical ingredient, outsourcing an existing product or process, or identifying a strategic partner to develop a novel molecule or formulation.

Chemtex Pharma’s expertise, network, resources, and processes will help you move products from the lab to the Market.